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Here I Go Again….

I know, I know, it’s been so long.  In the process of being absent with no activity on my blog, I lost my blog to a cyber murder, I’m sure.  They should have a CSI for Cyberspace.   Anyway, because my blog went AWOL…or was slain…I had to start anew.  I think there might be a metaphor there.  Perhaps if you leave things unattended too long, they die and you need to start over.  Sort of like a garden…or, in my point to this posting, perhaps our dreams.

Starting over on a dream is not always a bad thing either.  I mean, I know as we get older, we do have physical restrictions.  I’m thinking my adolescent dream of making the  1976 Olympics has expired…yet other dreams are very much alive…the dreams of the mind – like learning a language, cooking new dishes, getting a dog or, in my case. writing.  I did put that dream away for a long time in pursuit of other passions and living in the present realities.  But I did go back as dreams of the minds have no shelf life.    When I returned, I did so with a strong purpose, with more experience to draw from, with a passion relit, with deeper commitment.    There is something cathartic about starting over; it’s almost cleansing.

Cat Stevens once sang, “You will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not”.   Some dreams do have limitations, but the dreams from our head…our soul…live on forever.   And you can’t ignore them.  You have to give them another try else regret will strangle them and you.   Just some thoughts…as I start over on this blog.  Deep breath…letting it out slowly…and….here I go again!


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  1. Good Luck Betsy, always follow your dream.

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