The Ramblings of an Active Mind ……………………………… Elizabeth Tobolski Dudak

Pumpkin Scrooge

So I am not a big fan of Halloween.   I’d be soooo okay to do without it.  I am sure I loved it as a child.  I can’t imagine any kid not wanting candy and I sooo wanted candy as a kid…even as an adult.  It’s how to get the candy that always annoyed me.

Halloween is filled with weird concepts.  I mean really?  Dress up, go to someone’s door, beg for candy and then leave to go onto the next one?  Odd.  And what’s this Trick or Treat?  Trick never happens.  Oh sure, once in a while  some weird old guy will say “show me a trick missy”, but eventually, after he has laughed hysterically at his own joke,  he gives away the candy anyway.  So why not just say, “Treat me!’  or, if you have manners, “Treat, please!”  What’s with all this theatrics of including “trick”?

What about the dressing up? I get the history of it.   Halloween traditionally was a Celtic celebration.  They believed Halloween was a day that the dead could cross over into the living.  As to not be recognized by the dead or to scare them away, people would dress up.  When the Irish immigrated here in the 1840’s, the Halloween evolution began…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.   Okay, so I understand why people dress up at Halloween, but really are the dead going to be afraid of Dora the Explorer or Thomas the Tank?

And the carving of pumpkins?  It’s a sad requirement for the art challenged like me.  I always seem to have one big hole where the eyes and nose are supposed to be.  I will say, I do like a good pumpkin seed…when they’re not burnt.

Anyway, I had to get out my anti-Halloween rants.  I never get visited by any ghosts on all Hallow’s Eve, so I’m thinking I’m stuck like this for awhile.  Deal with it.  don’t worry.  I’ll give every kid their candy, even the High Schoolers who come right after curfew.  I may even comment on a puppy dog costume here, or a football player there.  As I comment, I will send them away with a warning about not fooling the dead.  And, yes,  I will  throw candy into their bucket, pillow case, plastic bag, whatever,, but I may do so with a “bah humbug” .


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