The Ramblings of an Active Mind ……………………………… Elizabeth Tobolski Dudak

And the sign said….

On my journey to figure out  my second half of my new life without kids, I’ve been cognizant of signs from the Universe, or as I’d like to think, God.   I am looking with my head held high on this road to new discoveries, so I can catch the markers along the way that point me in a direction.  Some of these markers, these signs, are put up to show me where I am NOT meant to be or NOT meant to go.  Sure, they’ve been there all along; I’ve chose to ignore them because they were comfortable to lean on as I catch my breath on life’s crazy roads.  But as I vow to move forward without fear, without regret, I am throwing out comfort to feel life.  Let me tell ya, it’s scarey as hell.   Scared or not, I’m forging ahead.

Okay, so why this deep lecture?  Well, since I’ve made my commitment to start on my second journey shedding my at-home Mom clothes, I have been graced with signs.  Some of them come in forms of articles sent to me by friends who know me well, and others who were ‘just thinking about’ me.   Some of them have been discussions.  Some have been this burning, knowing feelings.  And some have been in forms of  mistakes I have in the comfortable road I’ve been traveling which, I believe, are God’s way of saying “don’t stay on this road too much longer, my friend” as She/He is throwing up roadblocks, shepherding my way to my real destination.

So, happy Thursday everyone.  Happy journeying.  I hope your head is held high for all the Universe’s signs.



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