The Ramblings of an Active Mind ……………………………… Elizabeth Tobolski Dudak

Front Window Pain

I am recovering from ankle surgery and I feel a bit like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window…only with a front window and nothing exciting to watch.  I am in pain still.  Not only from my surgery but from the head shots I received.   I feel so bad for the talented young photographer, Jessica Thornbury.  IT IS SOOO NOT HER FAULT THE WAY THE SHOTS TURNED OUT.  THIS IS ALL ON ME!!!  I would NEVER make it as a model…not even in the overweight, mothers over 50 crowd.  OMG!  I sooo hate getting my picture taken.   My smile?  So not natural.  I look like I was getting my Christmas goose early in some of them…if you know what I mean.  Jess  truly did the best she could with her subject matter.  The pictures themselves are breath-taking.  They are clear, with great angels and clever set ups.   If you ignored me in the shots, wow!  These were wonderful.  I did pick out two  and I just sent those off to Publishers.  The Publisher will look at them when she gets back from out of town this weekend.   My nightmare is having to retake them.  I think if I ever held secrets to the government, the enemy would only have to threatened to take my photo and I would spill.  Forget water torture; I’d break after one click of the camera.   I am so sorry Jessica for wasting your talent.  Sigh.  Well, we shall see what happens.

Not much more to really  write.  I am going to try to take  this time recovering to concentrate on getting my book completed and to work on the sequel.  Jimmy Stewart didn’t have any interests when he was recovering, thus the trouble he got himself in.  Well, happy Wednesday.


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