The Ramblings of an Active Mind ……………………………… Elizabeth Tobolski Dudak

I know it’s been way too long.  I have been working and….and…getting my book out!!!!  And as you can see from the photo on the right – thank you very much Karey Ross for taking it – yes, I did it.  My book is completed and I cannot tell you how excited I am!!! (Maybe you can tell by the amount of exclamation points!!!!)

My book, What the Heck, Dec?!, is a romantic comedy.  “They” do say to write what you know.  And  I do come from a family of comedians (I like to think I am rather humorous) and thanks to my husband, I do know romance.  Friends and relatives have asked me to describe it.  Well, the book takes place in a middle school – again, writing what I know – and follows 6th grade teacher,  Marti Karnawski’s, inner thoughts as she falls in crush with the drool-o- lious (yes, I do make up words in the book too) social worker, Declan Reed.  Her observations are thoughts I think each one of us had some time in our life. For instance, who hasn’t experienced school secretaries that make you feel as though you are annoying them?  Or helicopter parents?  Or entitled children?  Or friends telling you what you know you should hear, but not what you want to hear?

I am proud that I have accomplished what I set out to do about five years ago.  I have written magazine articles and newspaper columns, but I wanted to do more.  Long story how I got here and maybe one day I will write a blog on it.  For now, know that a). This did not happen overnight.  It has been a long five year process with writing and rewriting and characters that would not leave my head – and my head is already too crowded –  and  b).  I did not do this all on my own.  I had the support of family and friends which if I didn’t have, I would still be wishing I could write that novel.

Soon, in about a week, I will publish the first two chapter of What the Heck, Dec?!  on this very blog to wet your whistle.  Is it the great American novel?  Nah.   I am no threat to the likes of Harper Lee, Steinbeck or even Nora Roberts.   I think that’s a given by the title.  This is my first and like all firsts, there will be a learning curve and places I will need to grow.  Don’t get me wrong, it is an awfully funny novel.  I do amuse myself which is the best kind of writing – that in which the author can laugh and in a good, meant-to-laugh, way.    Perhaps with each book I write, I do get closer to the place I want to be.   Until then, my hope is the readers will find the humor in a much too serious world and enjoy the escape in a story meant to provide the ride.


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