The Ramblings of an Active Mind ……………………………… Elizabeth Tobolski Dudak

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday, my kids and I went to see my mother for Mother’s Day.  We had great conversations about sex, pressure teens feel, bullying, gay marriages, the presidential election, family and books.   (Yup, my deep thoughts stems from the womb.)  My mother told me how proud she was of my book and accomplishing a dream.   (Selfishly, that was my favorite part.)   As we spoke, I was reminded how much I will miss my mom when she is gone.  As stimulating as our conversation was,  I held no illusions –  my mom is aging.  After 2 hours, she looked exhausted.  She was ready for us to leave.  Still, while her body is giving out, her amazing mind is as sharp as I always remembered.

I have written often on this blog about my mother.  She has…had…a great influence in my life.  She taught me the meaning of feminism, sacrifice, unselfishness and calm amidst chaos.  Sure, there were moments in my life when I didn’t like my mom.  And, as a mom myself, I see some things she probably could have done differently.  I’m sure she believes it too.   Life doesn’t give you second changes most of the times.  Despite all of that, I have always loved her and respected her.  She was, is, my idol…my hero.

As a mother myself, I hope and pray I don’t make, or haven’t made, too many mistakes.  I know I have already.  Try as I might, I am human and mistakes remind me of that.  I am sure my kids will second guess or criticize some of my mothering skills one day.  I hope they learn and grow from them.   And, I hope one day, they hold the same respect and love for me as I have for my mom.  If so, I was successful.

On this Mother’s Day, I wish all my friends and family who hold the awesome role as mother, a great day. 


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