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Pod Casting

I had my first podcast interview last week.  It was for a sight called Book Goodies.  The woman, Deborah Carney, was a very sweet and gracious interviewer.  it was odd talking about my writing.  It made it all so real and hit home the fact – I am a writer.   I know!  I as I do more of these interviews, I’m going have to come to grips with this fact.

The questions I answered concerning writing were about how I got started,  the classes I took and what advice I had about writing.  So I talked about my teenage angst years as a poet – or self-proclaimed one.  I spoke about the continuing education and online classes I squeezed in my busy life as a mother/working full-time/both.  And I detailed my advice on how you have to play to your strengths – mine being people – and to put yourself out there.   I think the latter works well in any type of pursuit.  Find out what you are good at and do it.   Yes, we may fail.  God, knows I did – multiple times.  But as I said in my interview, we fail more when we don’t try because then we live in regret.  Living in regret is life’s biggest failure.  Oh yeah, I was a regular Plato on this podcast.

I noticed I speak with a nasal twang and perhaps a good nose blowing might fix it.  Yes, I am vain enough, or perhaps hard on myself enough, to notice that slight detail.   I also heard my laugh on tape and it sounded odd…like the start of a high pitch squeal followed by a chortle that sound like a man’s.   So if you don’t really care what I’m saying, you could listen to how I sounded when I did speak.  It is kind of amusing in of itself.

Well, here’s the link to my podcast interview:  Don’t be too hard on me.  I’m thinking I am hard enough for both of us.  Have a happy start to your week.


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